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A More Technical Massachusetts Funding Plan

A More Technical Massachusetts Funding Plan

Admissions to trade and technical schools have been on the rise for years now. In today’s age, people follow their interests and where they feel like they can provide the biggest contribution to society. For many, this calling leads them to technical school to learn or perfect a trade that is in high demand as opposed to a four year college.

The rising demand for technically trained professionals has led to a significant increase in admissions at technical schools all across Massachusetts. Funding to these schools has, by necessity, increased to facilitate this increase but it is not enough. Technical schools have high costs per students as the technology and machinery applied in class needs to be in good condition and state of the art so students are learning with tools that are actually being utilized in the field. Some of these expenses can be off-set by contributions from those industries that will benefit from the professional training, but it’s rare. The expenses of technical school are worth it, as they report high attendance rates, high graduation rates, and high assessment rates consistently coupled with motivated students.

The increase in demand for highly skilled and well trained individuals is noticeable, and government funding will have to recognize that in the coming years.  Bay State School of Technology advocates for increased funding for technical schools in the state of Massachusetts. They are committed to their students and providing them the best training available. To accommodate them, Bay State School of Technology offers its student’s access to Federal Title IV Pell Grants, SEOG Grants, Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized student loans.  The Financial Aid office is ready to help students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and will gladly estimate a student’s Financial Aid eligibility.  If you are interested in a hands-on education and a bright future as a skilled technician, contact Bay State Tech today at

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