A New Season, A New Career

It will soon be the start of a new season and a new opportunity to advance your career. You can start your new path with help from Bay State School of Technology and their excellent, hands-on programs. Below is a preview of some of the courses Bay State Tech has to offer; read more to find out which could be right for you!

Electronics Technician Program

bay_state_tech_coursesOur Electronics Technician course is intended to equip students with the skills and techniques they need in order to come into the work force as a highly-trained entry level Electronics Technician. You will learn how to install, maintain and repair network and computer equipment, service electronic equipment, access control systems, and much more.   Click on the link for more information: http://www.baystatetech.org/courses/electronics-technician/

Major Appliances/Basic Electricity Course

In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to successfully service all Major Appliances, including diagnosing and troubleshooting. One integral part of the course includes training on Electricity and Electronics. Students need to be able to comprehend how electricity works and how to read a wiring diagram in order to diagnose problems properly.  Click on the link for more information: http://www.baystatetech.org/courses/major-appliances-basic-electricity/

Domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Course

In this program, you will learn about the basics of refrigeration theory, in the context of home refrigeration and air conditioning units. An understanding of Basic Electricity and Electronics is desirable before entering this course. Click on the link for more information: http://www.baystatetech.org/courses/domestic-refrigeration-air-conditioning/

Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (HVACR)

During this program, you will get to interact with and work on AC systems, heat pumps, walk-in refrigerators, ice machines and many more commercial refrigeration apparatuses. It is mandatory for students to have an understanding of Basic Electricity and Electronics and the essentials of refrigeration technology, before entering this course. Click on the link for more information: http://www.baystatetech.org/courses/commercial-refrigeration-air-conditioning-hvacr/

Classes are forming now.  All classes listed above start on September 8, 2015

Bay State School of Technology is a leader in providing students with a hands-on, technical education so they can become highly trained employees. At Bay State Tech, anybody can ignite—or re-ignite— their career path.

Employers have a good working relationship with Bay State Tech, because they know graduates are reliable, hard-working, and well-trained. Students learn by doing at Bay State. For over thirty years, students have been utilizing the hands-on training offered by Bay State’s experienced instructors.   And the best part is that there is no experience required!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become a highly trained technician at Bay State School of Technology, call 1-888-828-3434 to speak to an admissions representative and download our course catalog now.   Call today – classes are forming now!

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