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A Rise in Manufacturing Could Mean an Increase in Skilled Labor Workers

A Rise in Manufacturing Could Mean an Increase in Skilled Labor Workers

For a long time, people feared the demise of America’s manufacturing industry.  With the plight of Detroit, perhaps the United States’ greatest manufacturing city, and the plethora of tags and stickers on products reading “Made In (anywhere but the US)”, the reality of America’s manufacturing industry became a legitimate concern.  However, we are seeing a new push towards bringing factories and workers back onshore, ensuring that the US stays a leader in innovation.

Wide Bandgap InfographicOn January 15th, President Obama announced a $140 million initiative to catalyst the country’s manufacturing sector by investing research to get existing technologies into different industries so that they can be adopted into new products.  One major investment will focus on the development of wide-bandgap semiconductors – materials used in power electronics that operate at high temperatures, frequencies and voltages.  This initiative aims to not only improve clean energy technology at affordable prices for both consumers and businesses, but also works to strengthen the workforce through higher education programs and internships.

According to Donald B. Rosenfield of The Boston Globe, more and more companies will establish and keep their production locally based as the manufacturing industry becomes more skilled and efficient.  As the manufacturing industry grows, and more power electronics applications arise, the need for skilled technicians familiar with these new technologies and applications will also expand proportionately.  The innovation and local manufacturing of wide-bandgap semiconductors will bolster movement in a wide range of industries as the technology can be found in cell phones, electronic cars, appliances, toasters, refrigerators and air conditioners.

Made In UsaThe shift in the power electronics industry will directly affect the skilled-labor force, and Bay State School of Technology offers a variety of programs in industries that will be directly affected by this new manufacturing initiative.  Bay State Tech’s certification in Domestic and Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Major Appliance Technicians and Electronics Technicians are necessary courses for anyone looking to take part in bringing manufacturing from overseas back onshore.  With classes like Introduction to Renewable Energy Resources, Basic Electricity and Analog Electronics, and Digital Electronics and Smart Technologies, Bay State School of Technology is always updating its courses and making the changes necessary to adapt to industry.  If you’re looking to become a part of America’s growing workforce and take advantage of manufacturing initiatives that will create jobs for America’s skilled laborers, come join us at Bay State School of Technology.

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