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Aging Workforce Correlates to Growth in Skilled Labor Demand

Aging Workforce Correlates to Growth in Skilled Labor Demand

Despite a rough and turbulent economic climate, certain job industries have continued to grow.  With an aging workforce, skilled tradesmen are in high demand as more people leave the field than enter. Baby boomers who occupy a lot of these positions are setting to retire, and less people are filling their roles. Several states are looking to replace these skilled workers, as 53% of their skilled workforce is over the age of 45, with some states going as high as 63%.  It gets even more drastic; some states have as many as 20-27% of their skilled laborer force over the age of 55 and on the verge of retirement.  As this aging workforce continues to retire at a high rate, the demand to replace them will directly increase as well.

Age Breakdown: Skilled Trades vs. All JobsDue to this trend of skilled laborers reaching retirement, younger skilled laborers are now in high demand. Many of these skilled labor jobs do not require a college degree, and most applicants can get started in the field through either an apprenticeship or job training and certification. These jobs pay well, with an average median hourly wage of $20.25, and even higher in Massachusetts where the median hourly wage is $22.59. These rates are expected to continue to grow as the older work force continues to retire and the demand for new skilled workers increases.

Skilled trade workers have been the number one most difficult-to-fill vacancy in the world for the past few years.  According to Manpower’s 2013 Talent Shortage Survey, the two biggest reasons employers have trouble filling these positions is due to a lack of technical competencies and a lack of available applicants.

Percent Change In EmploymentBay State School of Technology offers a variety of programs that prepare students to enter these skilled labor positions.  HVACR is one of the most in-demand skilled trades according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with its job outlook expected to grow at a rate twice as high as the national average. The average salary for HVACR technicians is $42,500, but that can vary depending on your specializations, location and work experience. With a high demand for skilled labor workers, you can make around $80,000 a year with several years of experience in the field, and that number could continue to grow as demand increases.  HVACR technician programs along with programs in the fields of Electronic Technicians, Appliance Repair and PC Repair are some of the great skilled labor certifications we offer here at Bay State School of Technology. Improve your career outlook and enroll at Bay State School of Technology today!

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