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All HVAC Graduates Leaving Bay State Tech This Week are Employed!

All HVAC Graduates Leaving Bay State Tech This Week are Employed!

Congrats, grads! We are proud to say that all of the recent HVAC course graduates leaving Bay State Tech this week are employed are ready to start their careers!

HVAC_graduates_bay_state_techMany graduates nowadays, no matter what field they study, often have trouble starting out when they are trying to find a full-time job in their field. However, it’s a different story for HVAC professionals. There are fantastic job prospects for HVAC graduates due to a shortage of professionals in the industry. Many HVAC professionals are older and retiring, and many old HVAC systems need repairs and maintenance. This is the perfect opportunity for students to study a career field with great job prospects as well as the perfect opportunity for Bay State Tech graduates who gained experience during their courses to start a successful career right away.

Graduates of Bay State Tech are always well-received by companies who have a great relationship with the school as well as companies that value the hands-on education Bay State Tech provides. These companies often visit the school to look for well-qualified recent graduates to join them in the workforce. Bay State Tech also offers job search assistance to graduates, as well as accommodations for resume preparation.

If you want to start working towards a successful HVAC career, enroll in HVAC courses at Bay State School of Technology! To speak with an admissions representative at Bay State Tech, tour the facility, see classes in action and learn about financial aid opportunities, call 1-888-828-3434 or visit

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Call 1-888-828-3434 to speak to an admissions representative to tour thefacility, see classes in action, and learn about financial aid availability.

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