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Benefits of a Technical Certification

Benefits of a Technical Certification

Spring is here, the temperature is rising and along with it, hiring is rising, too! According to the New York Times, “the estimated rate of job creation in March was nearly identical to the average monthly gain of 183,000 jobs recorded over the last month.” Now that job hiring has kicked into high gear, a greater importance is placed on becoming qualified, certified and desirable.  With opportunities on the horizon, you may be asking yourself, “is it worth the time and money to get a technical certification?”

The following are ten reasons and ways that technical and vocational certifications are worth your time and money, and will add value to your professional future:

Technical Student1) First and foremost, it’s a resume boosting credential that illustrates your knowledge and skill set.
2) Certifications cover material that can be used across a wide range of services and applications.
3) Knowing that you can handle the work, have a solid knowledge base and have honed your skills in class, your starting salary will likely be higher.
4) If you already know a lot about a certain topic or are handy with a certain skill set, a certificate will only solidify that interest.
5) The school or organization studied at will be a source for information, networking and career development and advancement.
6) Technology changes – you will always have to learn more to stay current in the industry, but a strong foundation will facilitate career-long learning.
7) Training programs teach you to speak language of both customers and professionals so that both you and your clients can make decisions together.
8) There is a high demand for skilled trade jobs and there are an estimated three million jobs are available in the skilled trade.
9) Hands-on training and simulated instruction are part of most technical certification courses, so you’ll feel comfortable making transition from theory to practice.
10) Networking skills are fundamental to any profession and a technical certification course will give you the opportunity to network with industry professionals and future employers.Hourly Wage Rate Graph

Those are only 10 of many reasons why getting qualified for a skilled trade is worth your time and money.  There is no lack of jobs; however, there is a lack of certified and specialized professionals.  Want to take advantage of this trend?  Enroll in classes at Bay State School of Technology today online or by calling the admissions office at 888-828-3434.

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