The Future is Bright for Major Appliances, Electronics and HVACR Jobs

HVACR, electronics and major appliances: what do they all have in common? The society we live in cannot function without them. The days of ice-boxes, oil lamps, and wood stoves are far behind us and we need people to help maintain the quality of life we have all become used to. Without skilled technicians that can service these systems, households and businesses would crumble.

The demand for technicians with these skill sets is rapidly increasing and a gap is developing in the supply chain. According to an HVACR industry report, (available on request) it is predicted that by 2022, there will be a shortage of 115,000 trained HVACR technicians in the skilled labor trades, if the current output of trained technicians stays the same.

Whether you are just starting out or looking for a change of career, the skilled labor trades need you and hands-on work is incredibly rewarding! Bay State School of Technology provides the courses necessary to learn the skills needed for these types of jobs. State of the art equipment is available in the classrooms and shops for hands-on training and instruction. Experienced, skilled instructors teach basic skills, tricks of the trade, and wisdom from years of experience. Even if you’ve been in the industry, it can be helpful to brush up on new developments or become certified in a different sector.

Employers have a good working relationship with Bay State Tech because they know graduates are reliable, hard-working, and well-trained. Additionally, our career services office and advisors are always available.

With all these resources available, there is no better place to kick start an exciting career than Bay State School of Technology. Classes are forming now for Electronics Technician, Major Appliance/Basic Electricity, Domestic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Commercial HVACR technician programs.  The new session of day classes begins May 3rd, and there’s still time to enroll! There are limitless opportunities in this booming industry right now for you to be a part of. Sign up for classes before it’s too late.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become a highly trained technician at Bay State School of Technology, call 1-888-828-3434 to speak to an admissions representative or visit our website at

Cool It & Get Your Freon Removal Certification

freon_recovery_seminarThe Ice Box was a grand invention in its day, and then came the refrigerator. It was an innovation like no other. Refrigerators, from inception until 1929, used the toxic gases like ammonia, methyl chloride, and sulfur dioxide as refrigerants. They did a great job of refrigerating, but leaks of these dangerous chemicals lead to many illnesses and deaths. Then, as the constant stream of innovation flows, CFCs and HCFCs were born. Non-flammable and non-toxic, they solved all of the previous refrigeration issues until the early 90’s; when it was found that they are incredibly hazardous to the environment and a major factor in the depletion of the ozone layer. Luckily, certified technicians can remove the CFCs and HCFCs used in air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers and safely dispose of them.

The Clean Air Act of 1990 requires recapture, recycling, and safe disposal of these hazardous chemicals, and all technicians must be certified to handle these substances.  Bay State School of Technology offers a one day Freon Recovery Seminar followed by the certification test so your work as a technician doesn’t need to be limited. Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning technicians are prepared to enter the work force as entry level technicians when their program finishes and many of our graduates are hired by commercial refrigeration and air conditioning companies to install, service, and maintain systems. However, a Freon Removal Certification is a great bonus for potential employers.

Bay State School of Technology is committed to their student education and providing top quality technicians and engineers to the work force. By getting their Freon certification, students can open up new opportunities in their current field or break into a new one. Thousands of students have taken the seminar and tests with excellent results. Don’t miss the next opportunity to get certified on Tuesday, April, 26.

Registration must be done in advance, so please visit to learn more or call 781-828-3434 and ask for Linda Lord to register!

Shocking the Job Market: Electronics Technicians

electronics_technicianWhere would we be without electricity? Benjamin Franklin knew it was important in the 1700’s, but would be blown away by what we’ve done with it today. Electronics are essential to our day to day life. Phones, wireless communication, TV, cable, computers, appliances and networking hardware are in constant use by almost everyone in the US. But how many people really know the technology behind the electronics they are using? Not many. Additionally, if something breaks or has an error, it’s a huge problem and must be fixed right away to maintain the lifestyle that we’ve all become accustomed to. Knowing how to diagnose and repair electronics is an invaluable skill that not many people have; for this reason, trained electronic technicians are and will remain in very high demand.

The electronics industry is booming. Think of everything in your household that uses technology. Now consider manufacturing, business, medical, navigation and more. The magnitude of electronics out there is overwhelming and there will never be an excess of electronics technicians. Many businesses as well as people run into electronic appliance issues and need repair services to preserve their current equipment and avoid purchasing new devices. Electronics technicians are properly trained to assess the situation, identify the issue and efficiently repair electronic equipment and devices.

At Bay State School of Technology, the electronic technician program allows you to learn about basic electricity, basic electronics, basic digital, micro-processors, personal computers, networking hardware, wireless communications, high definition TV’s, and renewable energy resources both in theory and with hand-on experience. All students receive preparation and training to take a National Service Certification test, and the school’s placement office provides job search assistance.

So, what’s stopping you? For a rewarding career helping electronics make the world run smoothly, consider the Electronics Technician Program at Bay State School of Technology. Visit our website or contact us at to learn more!

A More Technical Massachusetts Funding Plan

Admissions to trade and technical schools have been on the rise for years now. In today’s age, people follow their interests and where they feel like they can provide the biggest contribution to society. For many, this calling leads them to technical school to learn or perfect a trade that is in high demand as opposed to a four year college.

The rising demand for technically trained professionals has led to a significant increase in admissions at technical schools all across Massachusetts. Funding to these schools has, by necessity, increased to facilitate this increase but it is not enough. Technical schools have high costs per students as the technology and machinery applied in class needs to be in good condition and state of the art so students are learning with tools that are actually being utilized in the field. Some of these expenses can be off-set by contributions from those industries that will benefit from the professional training, but it’s rare. The expenses of technical school are worth it, as they report high attendance rates, high graduation rates, and high assessment rates consistently coupled with motivated students.

The increase in demand for highly skilled and well trained individuals is noticeable, and government funding will have to recognize that in the coming years.  Bay State School of Technology advocates for increased funding for technical schools in the state of Massachusetts. They are committed to their students and providing them the best training available. To accommodate them, Bay State School of Technology offers its student’s access to Federal Title IV Pell Grants, SEOG Grants, Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized student loans.  The Financial Aid office is ready to help students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and will gladly estimate a student’s Financial Aid eligibility.  If you are interested in a hands-on education and a bright future as a skilled technician, contact Bay State Tech today at

Back to the Basics

We live in an ever changing world. Now more than ever, it is harder to keep up with new technology and the constant flow of new information. The way things are done seems to be ever changing. At Bay State School of Technology, it is a top priority to provide the tools to advance in a variety of exciting hands-on careers, from electrical work to appliance repair.

basic_electricity_courseThe new can only come from a mastery of the old. With the success of their traditional classes, Bay State offers an online Basic Electricity course for students who want to get a basic electrical understanding before jumping into a specialized course plan towards a program certificate.

In this online course, students will study the history of electricity, its origin, its discovery, and development since discovery. This is a self-paced course, so you can do the work at your own speed and access it from wherever there is internet access. Basic electricity is necessary for a variety of technical careers and it’s important to stay familiar with all things electric. If you are contemplating a technical career and enrolling in technical courses but want to get your feet wet first, this course is perfect for you!

This course contains information that is vital to any technical field, as almost everything uses electricity in some way. But you can get the same education on your own time with the flexibility of an online course. If you have other work or family obligations, it can be easy for education to decline as a priority. However, Bay State School of Technology is trying to make it as convenient as possible to learn the necessary skills for a new career.

Taking online courses and renewing certifications can show employers, and potential employers that you are motivated in the field, eager to learn, and are looking to stay at the top of your industry. Bay State School of Technology is offering the flexibility of an online class to do so.

If you are interested in this course, learn more at To learn more about Bay State School of Technology and what we have to offer, visit our website or call 1-888-828-3434.

Women in the HVACR industry

A September 2015 analysis performed by the HVAC Workforce Development Foundation estimated that 115,000 new HVACR workers must be trained by 2022 to meet the anticipated demand. With this demand increase, there will be many jobs opening up to HVACR workers, and women are beginning to fill that gap more and more after years of being almost non-existent in the field. Though, progress is slow.

women_in_hvacrWomen have been infiltrating industry for years now, making a name for themselves in almost every field. However, In the HVACR industry, there was not as much progress. Just 1.2% of the workforce was female in 2014, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many attribute this to the lack of interest, few female role models in the industry, or simply not knowing that the option was available. The barriers to women working in construction are many. Stereotypes about women’s abilities from employers and co-workers, schools and families steer girls toward more traditional women’s jobs and leave few to find their passion as technicians.

Currently, the government maintains a goal of 6.9% participation of women on federal construction contracts. This goal has not been changed since when it was established in 1978. Although there are few women in the industry the initiative to bring in more women exists. Earlier this year, the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association’s Board of Directors created a steering council for women in construction management leadership. The council provides guidance on leadership, labor, and technical issues through professional development, education, and networking. This is the first major step for recruiting women to the technical industry since 1978.

Employment of HVACR mechanics and installers is projected to grow 21%, and without an influx of women technicians there may not be enough talent to fill those positions. Bay State School of Technology can give men and women the training needed to succeed in the HVACR industry. Learn more and join this growing industry at:

The Right Resources for Your Future

Bay State School of Technology is a great place to advance your career by getting a hands-on education in one of our technical programs. Although we pride ourselves on our excellent education and training, we also provide many resources to our potential, future, and current students, as well as our alumni. You only need to know where to look! Below are some of the resources we offer to support our student base throughout their journey.


This page has helpful links that can connect you to other organizations such as the Massachusetts Association of Private Career Schools and the Professional Service Association. Bay State Tech is officially accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and College. Bay State Tech has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and we are also members of the Professional Service Association.

The Net Price Calculator can help students determine a rough estimate based on the price of attendance and financial aid provided to students in a previous year. Students can also get more information on Federal student aid at

This page provides Bay State Tech students with information on the different programs offered and the job placement rate for each course. The program details also cover the on time completion rate of the course, the credit hours, the program costs, and other important specifics.

Additionally, you can check out more employment options on the jobs board.

The high quality training programs at Bay State School of Technology do not go unnoticed by employers. Many companies who have a relationship with Bay State Tech seek our highly-qualified recent graduates. Bay State Tech also offers job search assistance for graduates to help them get placed in their field.

If you would like to speak with an admissions representative at Bay State Tech, tour the facility, see classes in action or learn about financial aid opportunities, call 1-888-828-3434 or learn more by browsing our website.

Start Your Own Success Story!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that, between 2012 and 2022, the HVAC field will experience a growth rate of 21%. While it may seem like a small percentage, it is actually tremendous.

hvac_studentCurrently, there is an intense need for HVAC professionals, domestic refrigeration technicians and major appliance technicians. Largely, older technicians are aging out and retiring, and there is a gap where young, skilled laborers can take their places. Mike Rowe, star and host of the TV series Dirty Jobs, addressed the Senate Commerce Committee in 2011, elaborating that, “Right now, American manufacturing is struggling to fill 200,000 vacant positions. There are 450,000 openings in trades, transportation and utilities.” Currently, there are many opportunities available all over the country for people who are looking to enter the HVAC career or further their skills.

To enter the field as a HVAC or Major Appliance technician, you must be properly trained and have the right experience. Bay State Tech helps people start their own success story by providing them with a hands-on technical education that prepares them for entry level positions in fields that are begging for qualified workers.

Graduates of Bay State Tech are always well-received by companies who have a great relationship with the school as well as companies that value the hands-on education Bay State Tech provides. These companies often visit the school to look for well-qualified recent graduates to join them in the workforce. Bay State Tech also offers job search assistance to graduates, as well as accommodations for resume preparation.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can embark on your own successful HVAC or Major Appliance career path at the Bay State School of Technology, call 1-888-828-3434 to speak to an admissions representative and download our course catalog now.  Call today – classes start September 8th!

A New Season, A New Career

It will soon be the start of a new season and a new opportunity to advance your career. You can start your new path with help from Bay State School of Technology and their excellent, hands-on programs. Below is a preview of some of the courses Bay State Tech has to offer; read more to find out which could be right for you!

Electronics Technician Program

bay_state_tech_coursesOur Electronics Technician course is intended to equip students with the skills and techniques they need in order to come into the work force as a highly-trained entry level Electronics Technician. You will learn how to install, maintain and repair network and computer equipment, service electronic equipment, access control systems, and much more.   Click on the link for more information:

Major Appliances/Basic Electricity Course

In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to successfully service all Major Appliances, including diagnosing and troubleshooting. One integral part of the course includes training on Electricity and Electronics. Students need to be able to comprehend how electricity works and how to read a wiring diagram in order to diagnose problems properly.  Click on the link for more information:

Domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Course

In this program, you will learn about the basics of refrigeration theory, in the context of home refrigeration and air conditioning units. An understanding of Basic Electricity and Electronics is desirable before entering this course. Click on the link for more information:

Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (HVACR)

During this program, you will get to interact with and work on AC systems, heat pumps, walk-in refrigerators, ice machines and many more commercial refrigeration apparatuses. It is mandatory for students to have an understanding of Basic Electricity and Electronics and the essentials of refrigeration technology, before entering this course. Click on the link for more information:

Classes are forming now.  All classes listed above start on September 8, 2015

Bay State School of Technology is a leader in providing students with a hands-on, technical education so they can become highly trained employees. At Bay State Tech, anybody can ignite—or re-ignite— their career path.

Employers have a good working relationship with Bay State Tech, because they know graduates are reliable, hard-working, and well-trained. Students learn by doing at Bay State. For over thirty years, students have been utilizing the hands-on training offered by Bay State’s experienced instructors.   And the best part is that there is no experience required!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become a highly trained technician at Bay State School of Technology, call 1-888-828-3434 to speak to an admissions representative and download our course catalog now.   Call today – classes are forming now!

Advance Your Career on Your Own Schedule

Are you looking to advance your career on your own schedule? It might seem impossible, especially if your schedule is already filled with a job, family obligations, and other activities. However, if you are looking to advance your career or embark on a new path, Bay State Tech can help you achieve your dream. Bay State Tech offers daytime (full-time) and evening (part-time) classes for people with varying schedules.

flexible scheduleBay State School of Technology offers several programs, including HVAC, refrigeration, air conditioning, Electronics and major appliances. No matter what obligations you may have, Bay State Tech has a class for you. Admissions representatives will help you find a schedule that will work for you, not against you.

Students learn by doing at Bay State Tech. For over thirty years, students have been utilizing the hands-on training offered by Bay State’s experienced instructors. Half of their time is spent learning theory in the classroom. The other half is spent interacting with the machines in workshops.

Bay State School of Technology is a leader in providing students with a hands-on, technical education so they can become highly trained technicians in their field and quickly gain employment after graduation. Your success is Bay State Tech’s number one priority!

To learn more about how you can embark on your new career at Bay State School of Technology, call 1-888-828-3434 to speak to an admissions representative and tour the facility. You can also see classes in action and learn about financial aid availability. For more detailed information on the courses available, download our course catalog.