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Break the Mold by Choosing a Career in Skilled Trade

Break the Mold by Choosing a Career in Skilled Trade

There’s nothing wrong with breaking the mold.  Different strokes for different folks, they say – so why should your career be any different?

Many people, through exposure to the media and what they’re told in school, are led to believe that going to college for a traditional 4-year education is the most viable option for a successful career, and often overlook the value of honing a skill to become a skilled tradesman.  In an unpredictable economy where thousands of college graduates are facing the toughest job market in decades, there is something to be said for graduating with specialized knowledge, work experience, analytical skills and technical know-how and have a job lined up upon course completion.

HVACIn many fields, experience is valued as much as education and choosing to be an HVAC technician won’t change that.  According to Trade Certificates, becoming an HVAC technician not only includes a year or two of class time, but for some, up to five years of apprenticeship to guarantee hands-on experience.  Compare that to a field viewed to be only for the best and brightest, say being a doctor, and you realize that they take almost the same amount of time to achieve. The two fields share a surprising number of traits: both need to know precise information and treatments, the environments they work in can change and prevent new challenges every day, they both involve dangerous procedures and can harm the worker, and both require a calm, fast-thinking mind that can solve problems efficiently. Doctors handle these responsibilities with people’s bodies; HVAC technicians handle them with systems, buildings and living space. Both are vital functions of society, yet choosing to be an HVAC technician can be met with less enthusiasm than choosing a career in a more “traditional” field.

HVAC repairAs technology advances, people are finding it harder to keep up with the inner workings of all of their technical and mechanical appliances.  Gone are the days when a person who had an office job could also change their car battery, install air conditioning, and rework electric wiring.  As a society, we are becoming more specialized and thus, people with these specific skills are in more high-demand than ever!

Office jobs and trade jobs both have their own important place in society, but with the need for skilled technicians in high demand, we must begin to shift our views and opinions about trade school versus college.  Check out the typical career path of an HVAC technician student at Bay State School of Technology for insight into a much sought after dream job!

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