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Campus Security – Students’ Right to Know

Campus Security – Students’ Right to Know

Bay State School of Technology

Campus Security – Student’s Right to Know

Ms. Linda Lord, Director of Student Services, has been designated contact person for any issues relating to campus security.

1) BSST requests that students and employees report any criminal activity/actions on campus to Ms. Lord. She will assist the student/employee in reporting the incident to local authorities.

2) The school owner, director, and supervisor are the individuals responsible for the security at the facility.

3) BSST refers all campus law enforcement issues to local police authorities since the institution does not have any campus security personnel. BSST encourages prompt reporting of criminal activity/actions as being in the best interest of all students/employees.

4) BSST will enact a Crime Watch Program when the need arises. However, since we have not had any reported crimes, we encourage all students to watch and be cognizant of crime in all society.

5) There are no crime prevention systems in place at this time. However, should the need arise, BSST will institute such measures.

6) BSST has requested that local police notify the institution of criminal activity/actions engaged by students at off-campus locations.

7) Please refer to the BSST Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention policy regarding the possession, use, or sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs.

8) During the most recent calendar year (January 1, through December 31, 2012) there were 0 (zero):

  • Murders on campus
  • Rapes on Campus;
  • Robberies on Campus
  • Burglaries on Campus
  • Aggravated Assaults on campus;
  • Aggravated Sexual Assaults on Campus
  • Motor Vehicle thefts on Campus

9) During the most recent calendar year (January 1, through December 31, 2012) there were 0 (zero) arrests for the following crimes on campus:

  • Liquor law Violations
  • Drug Abuse Violations
  • Weapons Possession Violations

10) BSST, in an attempt to prevent occurrences, will report any instances to the campus community of crimes considered to be a threat to other students and employees. These crimes would be of murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft.





For a copy of of the Campus Security Report in PDF format, click the following link:


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