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Cool It & Get Your Freon Removal Certification

Cool It & Get Your Freon Removal Certification

freon_recovery_seminarThe Ice Box was a grand invention in its day, and then came the refrigerator. It was an innovation like no other. Refrigerators, from inception until 1929, used the toxic gases like ammonia, methyl chloride, and sulfur dioxide as refrigerants. They did a great job of refrigerating, but leaks of these dangerous chemicals lead to many illnesses and deaths. Then, as the constant stream of innovation flows, CFCs and HCFCs were born. Non-flammable and non-toxic, they solved all of the previous refrigeration issues until the early 90’s; when it was found that they are incredibly hazardous to the environment and a major factor in the depletion of the ozone layer. Luckily, certified technicians can remove the CFCs and HCFCs used in air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers and safely dispose of them.

The Clean Air Act of 1990 requires recapture, recycling, and safe disposal of these hazardous chemicals, and all technicians must be certified to handle these substances.  Bay State School of Technology offers a one day Freon Recovery Seminar followed by the certification test so your work as a technician doesn’t need to be limited. Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning technicians are prepared to enter the work force as entry level technicians when their program finishes and many of our graduates are hired by commercial refrigeration and air conditioning companies to install, service, and maintain systems. However, a Freon Removal Certification is a great bonus for potential employers.

Bay State School of Technology is committed to their student education and providing top quality technicians and engineers to the work force. By getting their Freon certification, students can open up new opportunities in their current field or break into a new one. Thousands of students have taken the seminar and tests with excellent results. Don’t miss the next opportunity to get certified on Tuesday, April, 26.

Registration must be done in advance, so please visit to learn more or call 781-828-3434 and ask for Linda Lord to register!

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