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Domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Course in MA

Knowledge of Basic Electricity & Electronics is a prerequisite for the Domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Program. Students, who enroll in the Major Appliances Program where they learn basic electricity and electronics, generally also enroll for this program. Learning the fundamentals of refrigeration technology in this program makes the graduate more attractive to the employer. Some employers hire technicians to specialize in servicing laundry appliances or kitchen appliances but most hire technicians with the skills to service all appliances, including domestic refrigerators and air conditioners.

For almost 30 years, Bay State’s “Hands-On” training has worked for thousands of students. Half of the students’ time in school is in the classroom learning the theory, and the other half is spent in the shops gaining “Hands-On” experience.

New students receive a tablet and training on how to use it as a learning tool. The cost of the laptop is included in the tuition and the student will own it at the end of his program. In addition, all students will receive preparation and training to take a National Service Certification test, offered by the Professional Service Association (PSA). Bay State Tech is one of only four schools in the United States designated as a certified training and testing center by PSA. Students will also learn about Section 608 of the Clean Air Act of 1990 governing the handling and recycling of refrigerants, and be prepared for EPA Certification.

Graduates of the Domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Program are prepared to enter the work force as entry level technicians. Some begin their careers with major servicing organizations such as General Electric or Sears, while others join smaller independent local companies. The pay is good and the work is steady. A number of graduates start up their own business after working in the field for a few years, gaining the experience of working on the large variety of makes and models, while learning how a repair business functions.

Bay State graduates are well received by employers who often come to the school to recruit graduates. The school’s placement office provides job search assistance including resume preparation. Click on the video to see an interesting success story, and click on the Newsletters link above for more successful Bay State students.

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