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Becoming An Electronic Technician Could Be Your Best Career Move!

Becoming An Electronic Technician Could Be Your Best Career Move!

While a college education can be beneficial, it isn’t for everyone.  Despite what we have sometimes been led to believe, you can have a rewarding career without a college degree. Often, these careers can start you with a comfortable living, with yearly salaries ranging from $40,000-$80,000 and more! Bay State Tech can help you discover the best paying career for you without racking up college debt!

Electronics RepairmanBeing an Electronics Technician or an Electronics Repairmen is a great example of a non-degree technical career. Large appliance companies such as Sears, General Electric and Siemens offer job stability by hiring in-house technicians to work on all their products; and working with these large manufactures gives technicians a great deal of experience with some of the most popular appliances and in the repair industry. Many employees of these companies later end up starting their own businesses in appliance repair. Technician and repair jobs can start you on your way to a well paying career with an average salary of over $49,000 per year, and also with the opportunity for salaries to rise depending on the company and specialization.

Electronics Technicians work in a wide array of fields ranging from telecommunications to automotive to computer repairs. A common starting point would be to become an appliance technician; and as such, you would be helping others with repairs on their home appliances.  This is a career that will continue to grow as technology continues to develop and appliances become more advanced.  You will be required to keep up with changing trends in technology, but will pick up valuable experience along the way to help you build a successful career.

electronics repairman 2Despite not requiring a degree, these jobs are still considered skilled labor and require a thorough understanding of the job at-hand.   Much of this knowledge can be learned from technical job training and certifications from technical schools. Bay State School of Technology offers certification courses in electronics technician, appliance repair, HVACR and much more.  Bay State Tech is also one of only four schools in the country that carries a distinct designation as a Professional Service Association (PSA) training center.  Distance learning options are also available for students have busy schedules and want to learn on their own time. Getting started is easy and you can apply today. Contact an admissions counselor now and start on your path to a great career!

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