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Experienced Instructors Create a Well Prepared Workforce

Experienced Instructors Create a Well Prepared Workforce

Would you ever take driving lessons from someone who has never driven a car before? Unless you’re particularly daring, we didn’t think so.

So why should your professional education be any different?  Experienced instructors bring years of practical industry experiences to the classroom and are able to engage students using more than just their knowledge, but with their expertise, hands-on examples, workshops, and constructive case studies.

experienced instructorsMore often than not, industry professionals move on to teaching with the conviction that training you to become the most competent and effective technician you can be is their personal duty to you as a professional, to the industry and to your future clients.  When you are surrounded by instructors that have worked for companies in their industry or who have even owned their own businesses, there is no need to wonder if they are teaching all they know.  Instructors who have acquired years of experience in their respective field can provide students with a more well-rounded and realistic education and preparation for the workforce.

At Bay State Tech, we believe that a great school is set apart by its instructors.  Bay State School of Technology was founded by individuals with over twenty years of experience in the field and who saw the need and demand for qualified professionals in Major Appliances, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Commercial and Residential HVACR.   So, if you want to learn how to drive, go to driver’s ed.; and if you want to learn how to be the best technician you can be, check out Bay State Tech, and learn and work alongside some of the top industry leaders.

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