HVACR Training

HVACR stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and Refrigeration. Actually, proper air conditioning and heating keeps people fresh and comfortable at their homes & offices. In the medical industry, hospitals, daycare & community centers depend on on HVACR equipment to maintain comfortable temperatures and good air quality. Health care Laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and food preparation and preservation companies also need HVACR equipment to make sure that their products remain pure and safe. HVACR personnel are problem-solvers and technical experts, who contribute in making the installed system work better, with more efficiency at comparatively affordable cost.

BSST provides you complete HVACR training as one stop solutions and you’ll become an expert in system design, installation, repair and maintenance. After getting this training course you have a practical experience and can fix the different technical issue easily. You can also start your own business after HVAC certification or can get a good job in the top HVAC companies.

At Bay state school of technology the students learn by computerized diagnostics system and will be able to repair and service complex systems for commercial HVACR, gas heat, heat pumps, and air conditioning. We prepare students for entry-level employment as technician.

Our ultimate objective to provide a professional training program that will enable students to graduate into the industry as entry-level technicians and to qualify for advancement in a growing industry.  If you have any question about your desire course and training, please do not hesitate and contact us any time.