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Instructor Spotlight: Mary Barnaby

Instructor Spotlight: Mary Barnaby

A quality, hands-on education from Bay State School of Technology wouldn’t be possible without our amazing instructors. Check out this Spotlight Interview with Mary Barnaby, one of our talented Domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning instructors! Mary has worked at Bay State Tech for 26 years and is teaching a Domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning course this semester.

1. With the drastic advances in technology, how do you tailor your curriculum to upcoming changes? What type of measures is the HVACR program taking to prepare for technological advancement?

The curriculum is reviewed and modified regularly based on industry changes. Recently, due to the demand for higher-efficiency products, inverter technology has come to HVAC. The introduction and application by students into electronic control diagnostics, troubleshooting inverter systems and 3-phase compressors is just one example of how we prepare for advancement in the industry.

2. As an instructor, you make differences in the lives of your students and give them the tools to succeed in a world of ever changing technology. Is there a student success story that comes to mind?

The success of students is why I teach. The stories of success are too numerous to pick any one. The diversity of our students opens a list of stories that would fill a book. 

3. Which of your career experiences in the HVACR industry best prepared you to be an HVACR instructor?

10 years as a field service technician, my job promotion to Tech Manager and then appointment as Training Coordinator while employed at Sears have best prepared me.

4. What is something most people don’t know about HVACR courses or courses at Bay State Tech?

The knowledge and skills acquired stay with you for your lifetime. It doesn’t matter where the HVACR field advances, these same skills and knowledge sets will be required.

5. How do students do with balancing classes and work? Do you have any tips for perspective students on time management?

That seems to be a challenge for some, but most work hard to follow through balancing school with life’s other commitments. I tell students that this training is a short-term struggle that will lead you to a long-term career.

6. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself and some hobbies you enjoy!

I wanted to go to Vocational High School and I was not allowed because girls were not allowed at that time. LOL! I enjoy music, reading and writing poetry.

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