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Invest in Your Future at Bay State School of Technology

Invest in Your Future at Bay State School of Technology

U.S. infrastructure might need as many as 3 million skilled workers over the next decade, and we currently do not have the skilled labor force to meet those demands. The skilled workforce is aging, and there aren’t enough young, qualified applicants to fill their positions. One glaring example is the HVAC industry, where the average worker is 55 years old. Many of today’s students are still unaware of the opportunities a career in skilled labor can afford them. Some estimates say that nearly a third of all new jobs created by 2020 will require career training in skilled labor.

bay_state_school_of_technologyDespite all of the opportunities available in skilled labor fields, we still continue to have a young workforce that is under qualified. Luckily, we can help!  At the Bay State School of Technology, our staff consists of skilled instructors with decades of experience in the field practicing their trade. Whether you are looking to get into HVACR, refrigeration or electronics repair, our experienced instructors provide you with the classroom and hands-on experience you need to succeed. Several of our skilled instructors still hold important positions in their respective industries and communities.

With decades of history, a well-known staff, a strong alumni network and a working relationship with several Massachusetts employers, our graduates have some of the best employment options around.  Even after you leave Bay State School of Technology, our career center will continue to work with you and assist you with job placement. Whether you need access to our extensive job network, or need help with your resume, we are always here.

All signs point to skilled labor as an important part of America’s future. The right job for you is out there, all you need is an experienced instructor and a little help finding it! Visit our website at to learn more about a rewarding career and to enroll in courses!

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