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Is A Technical Education Right For You?

Is A Technical Education Right For You?

When it comes to our education, most of us have been guided through the same motions and offered the same cookie-cutter education. While this education path works great for many students, not everyone wants the same thing from their education. A 4-year university will do a great job of educating you about a career that you are passionate about, but sometimes do little to prepare you to work in that field.

technical_schoolRecently, vocational and trade schools with a more hands-on education have become more popular among students. As early high school, many of us now have the option of going to a tech or vocational school and learning a viable trade while still getting a quality education. A technical education is effective in preparing students to join the workforce and hit the ground running. Many technical schools place a strong emphasis on job training, with some trade schools even guaranteeing their students job placement.

Mike Rowe from the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs spoke before a 2011 US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation about the widening skills gap that the United States is currently facing. He explains how younger students are guided away from skilled labor while many companies are unable to find qualified workers to fill their job openings. Rowe explains, “Right now American manufacturing is struggling to fill 200,000 vacant positions, and there are 450,000 openings today in trades, transportation, and utilities.”  It might surprise some people to learn that we can still have skill gap while in a job recession. The biggest issues in filling these roles are that most people don’t know about them while others are either unqualified or uninterested in getting qualified.

So while a traditional education is a great opportunity for many Americans, there are still many degree-wielding Americans unable to find work while employers can’t fill jobs. Most of these high-skilled jobs don’t require a four-year degree and the job training won’t leave you with crippling debt. Trade schools and technical colleges are an excellent choice for young Americans looking for well-paying jobs with excellent job security. If you are interested in opening yourself up to hands-on job training and a world of career opportunities, contact Bay State Tech to enroll in courses today!

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