It’s probably been some time since you were in school.  Now you might be out of work, or in a job that’s not right for you and you need a new career.   What can you do about it?  You can do a lot, and it’s not too late to get started right now.

For over thirty years, Bay State School of Technology has specialized in “Hands-On Training” for people who are in transition from “just a job” to a new career.  Our students range from “fresh out of high school” to “married with 3 kids” to “out of work for the first time in 25 years.”  Whatever your age group or experience level is, we know how to handle it.

The best part is that there is no previous experience needed.  All you have to do is have the desire to succeed in a new career that would be beneficial for you and your family.  And we have the knowledge and experience to make that happen for you.

Bay State School of Technology offers a variety of programs that lead to new careers.  In our Major Appliance/Basic Electricity course, you’ll learn about electricity and how it works; you’ll learn how to read a wiring diagram and how to use it to diagnose problems.  You will work on the real washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens and other appliances, as you learn how to repair them.

Bay State’s Domestic Refrigeration course covers the basics of refrigeration theory in terms of home refrigerators and air conditioners.  You will learn about all the major components of a refrigerator and actually put them together to make your own fully-functional unit from scratch.  In addition we will prepare you for EPA 608 (commonly known as Freon Recovery) on-site testing and certification.

Commercial HVACR will immerse you in the basics of larger refrigeration and cooling units, electronic controls, ice machines, heat pumps, and more. This program prepares you to work in the commercial side of the industry and provides 100 hours of Massachusetts Refrigeration Code and 150 hours of Massachusetts Electrical Codes.

In our Electronics Technician program, you’ll start with the basic practices in electronics that make today’s world tick. First working with simple components like resistors and switches and building your own circuits by hand. Next will be more complex devices like transistors and diodes continuing with the build it yourself “Hands- on” approach. When you leave electronics you will continue on in to the digital world. In this area you will work with integrated circuits as well as desktop computers including assembly and breakdown of a PC assigned specifically to you.  Computer hardware and software are also discussed. Last of all you will enter the field of networking and telecommunications. Here you will connect computers together so they can share information through the use of routers and network switches. Finish up with a little telecommunications consisting of how the internet works and phone systems. You’ll also be prepped to take the Industry Standard ISCET Certification test to be industry certified electronic technician. As a generalist electronics technician, you will be prepared for a wide variety of jobs related to Electronics such as medical equipment repair tech, ATM tech, smartphone and network repair technicians, to name just a few.  Our students have gone on to work with industry giants like Verizon, Bose, Comcast and more.

Your Bay State Tech training will teach you how to go from having a job to having a career.  We can teach you to have a productive and rewarding life working as a technician in the Electronics, Major Appliance, or HVACR field.  And, again, the best part is that there is NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

Not only is it not too late to get started on your new career, it’s not too late to get started today in one of our September classes.  Sign up today to ensure a spot in the program of your choice.

Call Bay State School of Technology today at:


and ask for a brochure, and schedule a time to come to the school this week.  We encourage you to:

  • Tour the school and visit the classrooms, shop and lab areas
  • Visit during school hours and sit in on an actual class.  There’s no better way to see how our programs work than to actually experience them in a live classroom
  • Talk to our Admissions Representatives about the different Program options
  • Visit the Financial Aid office to answer any funding questions you might have
  • Stop by the Student Services office to see how we work with students to produce effective resumes and assist with job placement

Bay State School of Technology is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, and is approved for Veteran’s Training by the Veteran’s Administration.  In addition, we have been designated as a Military Friendly School so your military service will be honoured and appreciated at Bay State.