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Rising Trends: The Future of Tech Schools and Higher Education

Rising Trends: The Future of Tech Schools and Higher Education

There is no denying that over the past few years, more Americans are enrolling in technical school as their choice for continuing their education. Some of reasons that attribute to this shift in education include the job market and economy, the rising cost of higher education and more importantly, the increasing need for technical education and skilled laborers.

Technical School StudentLast year, the Federal Reserve stated that we are facing a shortage of skilled laborers in the United States. The need for skilled labor ranges from welders and plumbers to HVAC repairmen and other various skilled trades. Many of these jobs are essential for businesses and their communities, and their high demand can lead to a starting salary well over the current US Median salary.

Some places cannot expand enough to meet the demands of incoming students. Local businesses are also starting to notice tech schools, and investing heavily in their well being, in hopes of cultivating skilled workers. They know that students coming out of a technical school will be better prepared for the workforce.

Despite the demand for skilled labor, the high wages available and lower cost of attendance, some students are still turned off by the idea of tech school and a “blue collar” job. The stigma is often the major cause of deterrent. Young people out of high school do not believe they can find well-paying dependable work with this kind of an education, and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The future is looking bright for technical colleges all across America. Beneficial legislation and increased exposure have led to an influx of enrollment. Many of the skills you will acquire at a trade school will lead to you a career that can’t be outsourced and will always be in need. Several developing and existing metropolitan areas across the country are in need of more “Blue-Collar” workers and paying more to get them.

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