School of Technology MA

When we speak or write word Technology, it refer to the making, modification, usage and as a knowledge of tools, machine, home appliances and different equipment  to increase the efficiency of tools and help to produce maximum properly. Different people will give it different meaning depending on their point of view & context.  This is true that the word technology is not a neutral word.

We think technology concerns itself with understanding how your information & knowledge is efficiently applied to organized tasks involving people and machines that meet according to your requirements and sustainable goals.

No doubt, technology has changed our lives and brought revolution to the communication sectors and the way we carry on with our work. With the passage of time all working areas or sectors functioning on this earth are influenced with technology. It has made many things possible that weren’t thought possible before for instance taking a trip to the moon or exploring the depths of the sea.

Technicians play critical role in business and industry for administrators, who possess technical backgrounds. The ability of technology graduates to contribute on the job from day first increases their value while providing them professionally rewarding career opportunities with significant potential for advanced skills.

As a technical & electronics trade school, we provide a training program that will enable students to graduate into the industry as entry-level technicians and to qualify for advancement in a growing industry like electronics technicians, HVAC experts, and professional certified HVACR technicians.