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Shocking the Job Market: Electronics Technicians

Shocking the Job Market: Electronics Technicians

electronics_technicianWhere would we be without electricity? Benjamin Franklin knew it was important in the 1700’s, but would be blown away by what we’ve done with it today. Electronics are essential to our day to day life. Phones, wireless communication, TV, cable, computers, appliances and networking hardware are in constant use by almost everyone in the US. But how many people really know the technology behind the electronics they are using? Not many. Additionally, if something breaks or has an error, it’s a huge problem and must be fixed right away to maintain the lifestyle that we’ve all become accustomed to. Knowing how to diagnose and repair electronics is an invaluable skill that not many people have; for this reason, trained electronic technicians are and will remain in very high demand.

The electronics industry is booming. Think of everything in your household that uses technology. Now consider manufacturing, business, medical, navigation and more. The magnitude of electronics out there is overwhelming and there will never be an excess of electronics technicians. Many businesses as well as people run into electronic appliance issues and need repair services to preserve their current equipment and avoid purchasing new devices. Electronics technicians are properly trained to assess the situation, identify the issue and efficiently repair electronic equipment and devices.

At Bay State School of Technology, the electronic technician program allows you to learn about basic electricity, basic electronics, basic digital, micro-processors, personal computers, networking hardware, wireless communications, high definition TV’s, and renewable energy resources both in theory and with hand-on experience. All students receive preparation and training to take a National Service Certification test, and the school’s placement office provides job search assistance.

So, what’s stopping you? For a rewarding career helping electronics make the world run smoothly, consider the Electronics Technician Program at Bay State School of Technology. Visit our website or contact us at to learn more!

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