Some of America’s Fastest Growing Careers are Left Untapped

Many of the fastest growing careers in the US do not require 4-year degree. In fact, they just require a certificate program, proper training and experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nine of the top-twenty fastest growing careers from 2012 to 2022 will not need a traditional 4-year degree.

skilled_labor_bay_state_techThe increase in demand for these skilled labor positions could be due to several reasons, including the over-saturation of 4-year degrees and a large number of unemployed college graduates. Additionally, the currently fast-growing city infrastructure will require maintenance and repairs for years to come.

Many skilled trades are expected to show job growth of over 20% over the next ten years. The growth in these skilled labor sectors is well over twice that of the national average. Some of these skilled trade jobs include:

  • Electronics Technicians
  • Major Appliance Technicians
  • HVAC Installers and Technicians

While many of these fast-growing jobs don’t require a 4-year degree, they still require a certificate program and proper hands-on training. Here at the Bay State School of Technology, we can get you on your way to one of these highly sought-after careers. Our courses that are centered on hands-on, practical training that can teach you the skills you need to take your first step towards a promising and rewarding career. Enrollment is currently open and classes start on January 26th! Take the next step towards a successful skilled labor career and contact us today at 888-828-3434 or at

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