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The Future is Bright for Major Appliances, Electronics and HVACR Jobs

The Future is Bright for Major Appliances, Electronics and HVACR Jobs

HVACR, electronics and major appliances: what do they all have in common? The society we live in cannot function without them. The days of ice-boxes, oil lamps, and wood stoves are far behind us and we need people to help maintain the quality of life we have all become used to. Without skilled technicians that can service these systems, households and businesses would crumble.

The demand for technicians with these skill sets is rapidly increasing and a gap is developing in the supply chain. According to an HVACR industry report, (available on request) it is predicted that by 2022, there will be a shortage of 115,000 trained HVACR technicians in the skilled labor trades, if the current output of trained technicians stays the same.

Whether you are just starting out or looking for a change of career, the skilled labor trades need you and hands-on work is incredibly rewarding! Bay State School of Technology provides the courses necessary to learn the skills needed for these types of jobs. State of the art equipment is available in the classrooms and shops for hands-on training and instruction. Experienced, skilled instructors teach basic skills, tricks of the trade, and wisdom from years of experience. Even if you’ve been in the industry, it can be helpful to brush up on new developments or become certified in a different sector.

Employers have a good working relationship with Bay State Tech because they know graduates are reliable, hard-working, and well-trained. Additionally, our career services office and advisors are always available.

With all these resources available, there is no better place to kick start an exciting career than Bay State School of Technology. Classes are forming now for Electronics Technician, Major Appliance/Basic Electricity, Domestic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Commercial HVACR technician programs.  The new session of day classes begins May 3rd, and there’s still time to enroll! There are limitless opportunities in this booming industry right now for you to be a part of. Sign up for classes before it’s too late.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become a highly trained technician at Bay State School of Technology, call 1-888-828-3434 to speak to an admissions representative or visit our website at

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