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Veterans Return to Fill Classrooms and Much Needed Skilled Positions

Veterans Return to Fill Classrooms and Much Needed Skilled Positions

Military Friendly SchoolThere have been an estimated 2.5 million service members deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan since 2001, and around 1.6 million have since left the military and are now adjusting back to civilian life. The influx of returning veterans has had a boom or bust effect for many institutions; some veterans were unable to find steady employment after the recession while others returned to school for additional career training and building. In Massachusetts alone, veteran enrollment in public and private institutions has increased by more than 13% since 2011.

Many schools are starting to work with their student veterans to help them adjust to civilian and school life by offering special classes and programs designed for them. Bay State School of Technology was recently recognized as a Military Friendly School, a designation that is awarded to only 20 percent of schools in the United States. Since 2003, Victory Media Inc. has given the designation to schools nationwide that deliver the best experience for military students.

We believe that a technical education and a career in a skilled trade is an excellent opportunity for a returning veteran transitioning to a civilian lifestyle, offering many opportunities for them to excel in skilled trade occupations. With the country coming out of a recession and in need of skilled laborers, many veterans are entering trade or vocational schools for career training and lining up to fill these openings.

Military Friendly SchoolIn part to their discipline and skills picked up during their service, military veterans have become a smart hire for many companies across the country. With many other support organizations advocating hiring veterans, a sought after skill set and job certification can further help them secure employment. The Department of Defense has worked in collaboration with the Departments of Labor, Education and Veterans Affairs to develop programs that give veterans a chance to enter the workforce through job training at local trade and vocational schools. The GI Bill has recently started giving veteran student aid in tuition costs for vocational and trade schools.

A skilled trade is one of the most promising career fields hiring veterans today. With the current shortage in skilled laborers, veterans are being scooped up in the industry for their hard work ethic and discipline. Starting off with the right education can help you adjust back to civilian life and start a meaningful career.

Are you a veteran looking to start a new career or pick up a valuable trade? Give us a call at 781-828-3434 or contact us on our website to find out how you can get started!

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