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What Makes a Great Tech School Great?

What Makes a Great Tech School Great?

With tech schools continuing to rise in popularity, many new prospective students are trying to figure out which school is the best fit for them. With a wide array of offerings and technical specialties, students need to better understand what they need from their technical education and where they can get the best quality. There are over 300 vocational schools in the United States, and each school can claim to be the best or claims to offer you the best for your future.

While many national publications rank the best colleges and universities each year, the same information is hard to find for alternative schools such as tech schools or other vocational schools. Students are often left to their own regards to research and then make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Reviews can be found on some review sites or from the Better Business Bureau, but sometimes that’s not always enough.

technical studentSo what makes a good tech school? Several things! Much like any educational institution, the quality of instructors is a key factor. As your primary point of contact to your new fields, they should bring a wealth of experience in their industry that can help you adjust to your career. Additionally, it helps to see what previous students are now doing. A strong placement program can make or break a tech school.

In the case of HVAC schools, it is sometimes helpful to look around at local employers and see where they hire most of their new employees from. Usually if a school has a good placement program, it means that they have a strong rapport with an outside company that values their current training program. Additionally, if your region has a licensing board, you can find out if a school’s program is sanctioned or approved by the licensing board.

What else should you ask or look for when considering a tech school? There are many things to look out for, but primarily, if the school is licensed or accredited. Additionally, tuition and financial aid, school reputation, implementation of hands-on learning, up to date facilities, and programs offered are also good qualities to look for.

With some schools in hot water for misleading their students, the FTC suggests that interested students call employers in their chosen field and ask what training programs and experience they look for. Also, you should visit the school in person, take a tour of the classrooms and workshops and take time to meet with instructors. Bay State School of Technology offers many career training programs that can set you on the right career path, and has a full staff of instructors with years of industry experience and certifications. If you are interested in attending a high quality technical school, be sure to visit our site and see all that we have to offer!

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