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Why Technical School Could Be the Best Choice for You

Why Technical School Could Be the Best Choice for You

It is a daunting task to have to choose what you want to do with the rest of your life when you’re eighteen years old. There are numerous avenues and programs to choose from, and you need to keep in mind that you should always pursue what interests you. Therefore, a four-year college program may not be the right choice for everyone. Trade school is an excellent option that can yield more career benefits for those looking to pursue further education after high school.

To begin with, attaining a Bachelor’s Degree usually takes an average of four years. As Trent Hamm points out in his article, “Why You Should Consider Trade School Instead of College” this takes off valuable years of real world experience in a person’s chosen field. Cost is also a big issue; the Idaho Department of Labor found that the average bachelor’s degree in the US costs $127,000. Additionally, just because people attend college does not necessarily ensure that they will graduate. The Institute of Education Statistics estimated that 40% of students drop out before completing their bachelor’s degree. For those that go on to complete their degrees, an astronomical 64% take longer than the average four years to graduate. Also, a Bachelor’s Degree does not necessarily equal an immediate guarantee of a job when a student graduates.

Trade school is a great option for students who want to pursue a hands-on education and career at an affordable price. At Bay State School of Technology, students learn from real experienced guided by successful instructors who have been in the industry for years. Bay State Tech is one of the area’s premier technical training schools, preparing students with certification programs for everything from major appliances repair to commercial HVACR. There are numerous courses available for those who are looking for to start their careers or those who are looking to re-enter the workforce with new skills.

Graduates of Bay State Tech are sought-after by companies who have a relationship with and frequent the school for qualified recent graduates. Bay State Tech also offers job search assistance to graduates, as well as accommodation for resume preparation.

To speak with an admissions representative at Bay State Tech, tour the facility, see classes in action and learn about financial aid opportunities, call 1-888-828-3434.

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Call 1-888-828-3434 to speak to an admissions representative to tour thefacility, see classes in action, and learn about financial aid availability.

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