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Would You Like the Skills for a Rewarding Major Appliances Repair Career?

Would You Like the Skills for a Rewarding Major Appliances Repair Career?

Everyone has to put their time in – it’s a fact of life.  Law students take on arduous paralegal roles, physicians are required to do years of residency, countless students take on internships and many electricians and plumbers started off as bright-eyed apprentices.  Regardless of your career goal, you must take the steps of education and experience to achieve them.

Appliance RepairAt Bay State School of Technology, we offer the kind of courses and certifications that give you the skills and perspective needed to enter the work force earning good and steady pay. Using the school’s connections and the invaluable education you receive, working as an entry-level technician puts you closer to becoming an independent contractor.

Gone are the days where the appliance repairman shows up at your front door with a tin kit full of tools. The 21st century repairman is technologically savvy, un-intimidated by machinery, and fluent in the latest manuals and diagnostics.

Washing machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens, disposers, ovens, and hoods and ventilation systems are only a few of the major appliances that are regularly seen in houses, business and buildings throughout the world.  These are also only some of the major appliances that routinely breakdown and need repairing. Bay State School of Technology’s course in Major Appliances and Basic Electricity offers the certification and training needed to help you become the well-trained, savvy and high-tech handy in regards to major appliance repair.

Major AppliancesAt an early stage in the course, students interested in major appliance repair are exposed to the type of technology, troubleshooting and problem solving that they will encounter on the job. The tuition fee also includes the cost of a laptop, which students will use daily as a learning tool and will be able to use as a resource as they pursue their careers. Although the school has adapted its resources and course material to changing technology, the one quality that defines Bay State School of Technology and differentiates its students from others in the industry remains the same: a “get your hands dirty” approach that emphasizes real life situations with tangible solutions.

Get one step closer to your career and potentially your own business by getting your hands dirty at Bay State School of Technology’s Major Appliance and Electricity course.

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