Your Career Is Waiting For You!

If somebody told you that one year from now you would be on a path to a reliable and long-lasting career, would you believe them? Well, you can believe us! For over thirty years, Bay State School of Technology has been putting graduates on the path to successful careers as technicians and tradesmen, and we’re inviting you to consider enrolling this fall.

Bay State Tech EnrollmentIf you are a high school graduate or have a GED and are on the brink of pursuing further education, think about this: a recent report suggests that by 2022, nearly 3 million people will be enrolled in American colleges and universities. While this number seems huge, it is in fact a 66% drop from college and university enrollment numbers between 1997 and 2011. More and more, the idea of taking the traditional, four-year college path is losing its steam both in questions of time and cost.

On the contrary, the idea of pursuing a technical certificate has become increasingly popular: for a fraction of the estimated value of a four-year degree, technical schools like Bay State Tech afford their graduates the ability to enter the workforce faster and earn a living sooner. In the time it takes a person to finish their four-year degree, gain work experience and be on a solid career path, a Bay State-certified technician will already have been in the workforce and solidifying their career for two or three years.

While a four-year bachelor’s degree isn’t for everyone, we believe that a technical certificate isn’t either—not everyone has the skills, diligence and talent for troubleshooting major appliances, installing electrical systems or repairing the machines and devices that run our everyday lives.

If you are looking to further your education, expand your career options, and get on the path to a successful career, enroll in courses at Bay State School of Technology today! Classes start September 8th and enrollment is open until September 15th; visit our website for more information.

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