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Your Education Can Fuel Your Career Strategy

Your Education Can Fuel Your Career Strategy

Everyone has seen a car zoom by with a bumper sticker or window decal of the driver’s Alma Mater.  It’s a testament of loyalty and ongoing commitment to your school and education.  Years down the road, we’re still flying our school’s colors, but have you ever wondered how your school shows its continuing commitment to you and your career?

Alumni NetworkPerhaps the biggest way a school can commit to its students and alumni is by supporting them in their career, every step of the way.  While many schools facilitate a student’s transition to an internship or job right after graduation, few colleges worry about the future of their alumni’s professions years down the road.  Bay State School of Technology, on the other hand, has made a commitment to leverage connections with industry professionals and successful alumni to provide students with a wide range of options for the entire lifespan of their career!

Because many Bay State Tech professors are industry professionals, they bring their experience and connections to the classroom.  Proving yourself in the classroom then becomes the first step in showing your school that you are committed to a successful career.  The next step is networking: connect with your school’s student services office, its alum and take advantage of networking opportunities to meet people in your industry.  You can learn valuable lessons and skills from your peers and educators; and because Bay State’s student services office is committed to placing every qualified student into a job, Employmentthey’ll be your best resource when making a career move, switching jobs or even launching your own endeavor. In addition, The Bay State Tech website boasts an exclusive Jobs Board as a resource for students and alumni looking for career opportunities.

Finally, check in every so often.  After graduation, it’s important to let us here at Bay State Tech know how you’re doing and what you’re up to.  Being a part of the Bay State Tech network is a way for you to stay in the know and receive updates about industry changes and job opportunities posted exclusively for Bay State Tech students and alumni.  So don’t worry, Bay State Tech is here for you not just only for your education, but for the span of your entire career.

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